Operational En-route ANS Performance Operational En-route ANS Performance

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En-route ATFM delay per flight
Total en-route delay by reported ATFM delay cause
Total en-route ATFM delays more than doubled in 2018 (+104%) to reach 19 million minutes while traffic increased by just +3.8% over the same period.
Consequently average en route ATFM delay increased from 0.88 to 1.74 minutes per flight in 2018.
As was the case in previous years, Capacity attributed delays (37.4%) remain the main portion of en-route ATFM delays, followed by Weather attributed delays (25.4%), ATC Staffing (23.0%) and ATC disruptions/industrial actions (7.5%).

Share of controlled flights delayed by en-route ATFM regulations (%)

Overall, 12.6% of the controlled flights in the EUROCONTROL area were affected by ATFM delays in 2018. By far the main share was attributed to en-route ATFM regulations. More than 1 million flights were delayed by en-route ATFM regulations in the EUROCONTROL area in 2018 which corresponds to 9.6% of all flights (+4.2 percentage points vs. 2017).
At the same time, the share of flights affected by airport ATFM delays decreased slightly from 3.1% in 2017 to 3.0% in 2018.

En-route ATFM delay by ANSP


In 2018, DSNA (France) generated 31.3% of all en-route ATFM delays in the EUROCONTROL area, followed by DFS (26.9%), Maastricht (7.8%), and ENAIRE (6.8%). Average en-route delay per flight was highest in France (1.82 min), followed by DFS/Germany (1.64 min), Cyprus (1.10 min) and Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/MUAC (0.79 min).
The most delay generating ACCs in 2018 were Karlsruhe (21.3%), Marseille (15.2%), Maastricht UAC (7.8%), Reims (6.7%), Brest (5.4%), Vienna (4.3%) and Barcelona (3.8%).

Despite the continued traffic growth, horizontal en-route flight efficiency remained at the same level as in 2017. The efficiency of actual trajectories stayed at 97.3% while the efficiency of filed flight plans was notably lower at 95.6% in 2018.